Flying Penguin soars above the crowd by offering its clients 3 things:Experience. Expertise. Excellence. For Doug these three words are more than a slogan. More than a philosophy. It's something he lives, breathes and insists upon.


Doug has been selling, marketing or advertising since the age of 18. He earned his marketing degree from McGill University. He paid for it by selling everything from encyclopaedias to dental supplies and frozen french fries. Doug then worked in marketing for Catelli and Bausch & Lomb. At Bausch & Lomb, he began creating his own marketing communications because he couldn't find anyone who was better at advertising his technical product than he was.


After realising he loved and excelled at the creative side of the business, Doug left Bausch & Lomb. He quickly became a “hired gun”, writing for several large ad agencies on their high tech accounts. The list of accounts he has worked on includes: Microsoft, IBM, Novell, Digital, Compaq, Silicon Graphics and Oracle. He also wrote powerful copy directly for high tech clients. These extremely satisfied clients asked Doug to form his own agency. He resisted requests to expand until he had freelanced for enough agencies to learn how to manage an entire creative team. Then he ran a “virtual” agency for a year and a half. After making enough “virtual” mistakes to learn exactly what it takes to consistently produce excellent work, he formed a team of committed professionals and started Flying Penguin.


Some people say it is impossible to do excellent work for every single client. These same people say penguins can't fly. Flying Penguin's goal is to do excellent work 100% of the time. Quite simply, “good” isn't good enough for Doug or his team.

If You Were A Musician, What Band Would You Be In?

“I'm too bald for a hair band, and not pretty enough for a boy band. I'd be in a band that pushed the boundaries and made history: like the Beatles or Nirvana.”