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About Us


Flying Penguin is a full service digital marketing agency. We make our clients money online.

 · We build repeatable digital marketing processes, so our clients make money every month, every week and every day.

· We scale digital marketing programs, so our clients increase sales and grow revenue.

· We optimize digital market programs, so our clients minimize expenses and maximize profits.



Pay Per Click: Adwords, Retargeting, Display, LinkedIn, Youtube, Outbrain

Analytics: Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Web design: Wordpress

Email marketing and Marketing Automation: MailChimp, Pardot, Marketo 

Database Marketing:

SEO: On page and link building. 

Development: Wordpress, Analytics, Apps

PR: Press releases, blogger outreach

Content Marketing: Blogs, Videos, White papers 

Social Media: Posting, Community Management 

Conversion Rate Optimization: Google Experiments, Google Optimize 



These are actual results we’ve gotten for our clients. 


· 168% more leads, 73% lower cost per lead

· 450% more leads

· Sales up 66%, cost per sale down 69%

Conversion Rate Optimization

· 43% increase in conversion rate

· 55% increase in conversion rate

· 69% increase in conversion rate

· 125% increase in conversion rate

· 229% increase in conversion rate


· 459% increase in Organic traffic on specific articles

· 678% increase in Organic traffic on specific articles

· 1504% increase in Organic traffic on specific articles

· 13% increase in overall organic traffic

· 19% increase in overall organic traffic

· 26% increase in overall organic traffic 

“Flying Penguin promised they would make us a lot of money. They did.”

 CEO Health and Beauty company 

“Flying Penguin helped us not only with our digital marketing, but our pricing and product strategy

  CEO Start Up 

“Flying Penguin has helped us make money online every month for 27 months in a row and counting.”

  CEO ecommerce Company 

“Flying Penguin's PPC campaign was profitable week 2. Week 3 it generated $5 for every $1 spent."

   CEO B2B Software Company 

“Flying Penguin increased leads 168%, maintained lead quality, and decreased costs per lead down 73%

  CEO B2B Software Company  

“Flying Penguin is very results focused and creative. They listen & continuously communicate."

  Director of Marketing, Software Company 

“We were extremely happy with the final product. We recommend Flying Penguin!”

  COO, Software Company 

“A total 5 star experience. Expert in digital marketing. Very flexilble. A joy to work with. "

  Director of Marketing, Software Company 

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